História da Têxtil Godoy
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Têxtil Godoy history
Founded in 1969, in Ribeirão Bonito, the enterprise started as a cotton fabric maker,(canvas kind). Then, it started to make cotton fabric for various applications
Around 1982, following many technological innovations that the market was requiring, the enterprise started to develop thread, fabric, and propylene sacks production through the extrusion process, specializing in plastic packaging with high technology equipments.

Nowadays, the Têxtil Godoy is found in an area that is over 24.000m², with high production capability, keeping the products quality through a specialized staff.
:: Estrada Retiro São Luiz s/nº - Fone/Fax: (16) 3344-1221 - Cx. Postal: 05 - CEP: 13580-000 - Ribeirão Bonito - SP - Brasil ::